Animal Technical Rescue Training

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Our SART partner for animal technical rescue (ATR) is the UF Veterinary Emergency Treatment Service based at the College of Veterinary Medicine. Through this partnership, the Animal Technical Rescue operations level training course was first developed in 2011. This training is state-certified by the Florida Division of Emergency Management, recognized by the Florida State Fire College, and meets National Fire Protection Associations standards. Although this class is available to any interested person, it is primarily targeted toward law enforcement, fire/rescue, animal control officers, and veterinary professionals. Animal Technical Rescue teams are not medical teams, rather they are trained in proper techniques to safely extricate animals from hazardous emergency situations. Trainees learn low angle rescue techniques including assists with webbing and packaging techniques for large animal patients, high angle rescue techniques including application of slings and rope rescue techniques for large animal loads, and important principles to maintain human safety and animal welfare.

Additional levels of training are also available. If you are interested in seeking Animal Technical Rescue training for your team, please contact Brandi Phillips of the University of Florida's College of Veterinary Medicine at

SART has partnered with eight county-level fire services and Urban Search and Rescue teams to position SART-owned ATR equipment caches throughout the state. These caches are used by these highly trained teams to respond to ATR emergencies in their area. These caches contain an A-frame, Becker animal sling, and a rescue glide. ATR equipment caches are housed inside of a SART-owned trailer or on a response vehicle. For more information on the locations of the ATR caches located throughout Florida, visit the equipment request page located under the Resources tab.

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