Online Pet-Friendly Sheltering Training

Other Training Modules and Guides
SART has additional training modules on 'Pets in Disaster' that include guidance and planning for pets-friendly evacuation shelters. The training modules are located under 'Training' on the main menu, then click on 'SART Modules' and Pets in Disasters, or click here to be redirected to this webpage.

In-Person Pet Sheltering Training

In partnership with the Florida State Animal Response Coalition (SARC), SART created Awareness and Operations level classes that provide the expertise and practical experience required to become a professional disaster animal responder. Both courses are state-certified by the Florida Division of Emergency Management.* Register for classes by visiting the SARC website at

  • Small Animal Emergency Sheltering: Awareness Level (Course code FL-003-RESP*)
  • Small Animal Emergency Sheltering: Operations Level (Course code FL-607*)
  • Train The Trainer Workshop
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